Monday, August 18, 2008

#1 Rainbow Cake

Last weekend my sister Tiffany was visiting Santa Barbara from New York. My sister and her husband, Segundo, have two kids, my nephews...Felix is 3 years old and Luca is 1 year old. Luca turned 1 while they were in Santa Barbara. I was so excited to be able to be at his first birthday party and I got to make the cake. YIKES. I was looking for inspiration of Tastespotting and found it! I discovered a great blog called Ovenhaven. She recently blogged about rainbow cupcakes....they are so much fun. Great for a kids birthday. I decided to try her idea on a cake. It worked out.

I just used a box of white cake mix (gross, I know, but kids aren't very picky about their cake)

I also used Ivy's suggestion to throw in a little gelatin into the cake mix. I used about 1 TBSP or so).... AMAZING! I will never make cakes or cupcakes without utilizing this magic ingredient. It made the cake incredibly moist and bouncy. It was awesome. Thanks for the suggestion Ivy!

I separated the cake batter into four bowls and dyed each batter a different color. I poured the first colored batter(green) into the middle of the cake pan , the next color (yellow) I poured into the middle of the pan again, right on top of the other color and repeated this with the blue and yellow batter.

When it came out of the oven, the colors were really muted and dull on the outside of the cake. I carefully shaved off the sides to revel the beautiful bright vibrant colors.

I made this cake to look like a BIG cupcake....but you could frost the whole thing like a cake. The colors would be revealed when the cake is cut. The inside of the cake looked very cool, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the cake after it had been cut :( The colors inside don't layered, instead it looks tie dyed. Ovenhaven's pictures show a great example of what the cake looked like inside.

This cake was made with the intention that Luca would put his hands all over it and dig in, so I made lemon blueberry cupcakes for the adults.

Luca was slightly confused by his cake

But he got the idea with help from Felix
It was a great 1st Birthday Party for LUCA !!!


Ivy said...

I knew you would find the perfect thing. I really like the idea of making a more spohisticated cake for the adults like you did.

I have GOT to try this rainbow cake thing-it looks sooo cool inside.

Average Betty said...

Happy Birthday Luca! What a sweet way to celebrate, Jenn. And the "adult" cupcakes? Great touch :)

Anonymous said...

Luca is too cute! I love his confused look. I've got a lil almost-1 niece who got terribly excited by the rainbow cupcakes as well, but when I handed one into her hands, she didn't know what to do with it until her elder sis licked off the frosting! I'm glad that the rainbow cake turned out great. It looks like a great party!

Miss Mallika said...

check my blog to find out the rules.
ha ha!

Ivy said...

You must be busy with real life because I haven't seen you in blogland lately.

Oh-I tagged you. See the end of my blueberry post for the details.


Jen Manuele said...

boo....i want to see more. no more rainbow cake. :)

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