Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ragin' Cajun

A few years ago Mike picked up this amazing spice at a local Santa Cruz market, Shopper's Corner. Cajun Dust Blackening Spice has turned out to be a magic spice. It makes anything it touches terrific. It goes great on chicken, fish, tofu, and shrimp. It's the only spice you need to make a flavorful dish. I love using this seasoning on shrimp and making a cajun shrimp & avocado salad. YUMMY!
I saw Tilapia at the store tonight and couldn't resist an opportunity to use cajun Dust. This is one of my go to dinner's. It's easy and quick to prepare. The ingredients are light, nutritious, and fresh. weighing in at less than 200 calories for the whole meal, there is plenty of room for dessert.

Cajun Tilapia with Broccolini & Cauliflower Mash

This recipe is so simple.
The tilapia is sprinkled with cajun blackening spice and pan seared in a skillet over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.
The broccolini is steamed for 5 minutes.

Cauliflower mash is one of my favorite side dishes, especially when i am trying to stay away from eating too many carbs. I originally tried it after seeing it in a South Beach Diet recipe book. This dish tricks me into thinking I am eating mashed potatoes. It's easy to make too. Steam cauliflower, add a tiny bit of milk or soy milk, a dash of salt & pepper, then mash it with a masher or use an immersion blender until you achieve a smooth consistency. You can add anything to this dish that you'd put in mashed potatoes. It is great with some butter, grilled onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, or green onions....or all of that together. Tonight I made it simple, I used 1 slice of canadian bacon and green onions. This mashed Cauliflour idea may sound strange, but I'm telling you, it is delicious! Believe it or not, Mike asks me to make mashed cauliflower all the time, he loves it. I once brought it to a BBQ and it was a big hit with all my friends. Try it sometime, you just might like it!


Miss Grace said...

Hi Jenn! What is broccolini?

Jenn said...

Broccolini is yummy! It is part of the cabbage family....weird...but it tastes like a hybrid of asparagus & broccoli. It's a bit sweeter than broccoli, i like it better.

Ivy said...

OK, I'm sorry, I comment on everything you post but, I just wanted to say that I LOOOVE Tilapia! We eat it at least once a week. Where can I get the spice though?

Anonymous said...

I tried to find broccolini the other day at Safeway but they didn't have it. Where do you buy it?

I'm making your cauliflower mash tonight by the way!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't find this spice any more and the web site does not sell it, it sells crackers now.
Help !! Did they go out of business??